Antonio Marrapese is an Italian company specialized in risk analysis and security management, operating for clients who require adequate responses both domestic and international.

By closely integrating its strategic analysis teams and operating groups, Antonio Marrapese can act promptly in almost any area of the world.

In addition, through its in-depth knowledge of global scenarios, Antonio Marrapese is able to provide innovating consulting services, providing solutions better suited to preventing and managing crisis situations.

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Strategic Analysis

The Strategic Analysis division aims to provide the customer with analyzes and reports useful for planning their company policy, offering decision makers indispensable information support to guide them effectively in managerial choices.

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Security Services

Antonio Marrapese’s Security Services division deals with the management of risks connected to the customer’s physical security, analyzing and defining the protection requirements and identifying the related solutions.

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Intelligence Services

The Intelligence division intervenes in Italy and abroad, with its own operational network, through business intelligence, auditing, litigation advisory actions, carrying out due diligence activities towards potential partners and competitors.


Problem Solving

The Solving Problems and Analysis Research Center (SPARC) is a multidisciplinary group of professors, researchers and experts who work together to improve understanding of the nature of risks associated with human decisions (in particular extreme risks characterized by a low probability of occurrence but with catastrophic) by providing efficient and consistent assessment tools.

Rome, Genoa, London, Madrid, Tunis, Beirut, Riyadh, Montreal, Caracas, Bogota, La Paz: through these offices Antonio Marrapese operates worldwide.

Taking a structured, ethical approach, Antonio Marrapese is able to keep a close eye on global hot spots, identifying those potentially destabilising factors that could compromise a company’s growth prospects. From the transformation of worldwide geopolitical scenarios to changes in the socioeconomic situation, and to specific and contingent problems of operating in a place and new forms of danger like cyber-crime.

Antonio Marrapese aims to contribute to top management’s decision-making process by supplying knowledge tools to deal with the various possible situations


Law & Economics

In a profoundly changing business context on a global level, the Law & Economics division represents a flexible, integrated operational tool, branched out nationally and abroad, capable of identifying and resolving potential and current critical issues related to both business management and the need to provide an adequate legal response regarding the criminal and civil liability of the client and company.