Law & Economics Division

The objective of the division is the identification and resolution of potential and real critical issues in the economic and legal fields

In a profoundly changing business context on a global level, the Law & Economics division represents a flexible, integrated operational tool, branched out nationally and abroad, capable of identifying and resolving potential and current critical issues related to both business management and the need to provide an adequate legal response regarding the criminal and civil liability of the client company.


  • Realization and verification of suitability of the company’s organization and management models in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 on administrative liability deriving from crime
  • Analysis of criminal and civil critical issues in business activity, in Italy and abroad
  • Legal Consulting & Litigation: studies, research, data processing, consultancy for judicial and extrajudicial assistance in Italy and abroad
  • Organization and management of training courses on security & safety, with innovative methodologies and specialized teachers

The training courses transmit essential knowledge and skills to mitigate the dangers that personnel on missions in countries at risk may encounter. The training – based on pragmatism and effectiveness – is based on an approach tested for years in the preparation of special forces and aims to encourage effective conduct that safeguards the employee’s physical and mental integrity.

The cultural literacy courses aim to provide employees on missions abroad with essential information on the behavioral norms to follow in the host nation. The training begins after a careful evaluation of the actual training needs of the individual and the activities that he or she will carry out on site.

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