Security Services Division

The objective of the division is the management of risks connected to the customer’s physical safety, including the physical one, by defining the protection requirements and identifying the related solutions.

From the design of security systems to surveillance with specialized personnel up to environmental remediation operations, Antonio Marrapese offers technologies and services specifically designed to guarantee the company the maximum level of protection.

At every stage of this process, the customer will be provided with customizable consultancy and design services to successfully face the challenge of cyber crime.

Cyber ​​crime today adopts increasingly sophisticated and complex methods and techniques, also using social engineering tools, with which to steal the trust and good faith of the victim. To respond effectively to these threats, it is necessary to raise the threshold of sensitivity to the issue through internal policies resulting from an exhaustive risk analysis. Antonio Marrapese is able to assist

  • Risk analysis
  • Controls and checks
  • Proactive actions and services


  • 24/7 assistance for personnel employed abroad or on business trips: from armored vehicles to armed escorts to ambulances, in compliance with current legislation.
  • Constant monitoring of all staff movements and the possibility for the traveler to send an alarm signal to the operations center at any time.
  • Accurate inspections and preparation of scrupulous evacuation plans; use of the most suitable safety measures, in order to guarantee the safety of staff at all times.
  • Prompt intervention in case of need and on-site management of crisis situations, through intelligence activities and contacts with institutional bodies.
Security Services Division img
Security Services Division img

Both in Italy and abroad, field security services are of crucial importance. Construction site safety, personnel safety, environmental remediation, surveillance, as well as the resolution of any local operational problem constitute a priority for the defense of company interests.

For this reason, Antonio Marrapese deals with the design and engineering of security systems and logistical supports for structures in Italy and for all production facilities in foreign countries, from temporary investments to long-term construction sites.

Crime and terrorist threats, environmental dangers and health emergencies: all factors that can jeopardize the performance of normal company activities to the point of endangering the lives of the employees themselves.

Thanks to an extensive international network, Antonio Marrapese guarantees human resources traveling an adequate level of safety anywhere in the world. The operations center is able to monitor all staff movements and provide them with assistance 24/7. In the event of an emergency, our teams intervene immediately on site, also implementing the necessary evacuation procedures if necessary.